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Nicolas in Seancody Nicolas August 07, 2007 Solo


Nicolas is a 22-year-old pupil who’s now pursuing a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering.Hes incredibly clever, and definitely full of surprises.With clothes on, hes a small bit on the cute-dorky side. I was really curious as to what he looked like naked, so I had him strip down.Wow, youve got a pretty complete bush there! I said. (And that he did. If youre a bush lover youre in for a treat!) Yeah, I will shave it if you would like, ” he said.No, no more. Its quite sexy on you. I enjoy the hairy thighs too.Now I believed I’d seen every thing. A great deal of times guys will deliver their own lube, or their own porn, and even also on more than 1 event, their particular fluffer. However, here was a firstI needed to inquire about something, he said with a sheepish look on his face.Yeah?I attracted a toy with me that Id love to utilize. It helps me get off.OK, allow me to view it, I said.So he went to his luggage, fished around a little, then pulled away the biggest, bluest dildo I think Ive ever seen. The fucker must have already been at least eight inches in circumference.Wow,” OK, thats large, I said. My first thought was that it may be a little overly extreme.But that he was, position butt-ass naked, holding his toywith the most adorable smile on his face. How can I refuse?We that he rubbed lube all over his toy and began filming. He got excited very quickly and then all of a sudden he blew a huge load of cum all over his toy. Then he put back on the bed and rested for a minute.Now this second part is tough to believe, but I swear its true. He caught his toyand without with his own cum as lube and any preparation, he stuck the thing up his bum. Then he fucked himself for 20 minutes or so until he uttered another load. Fucking amazingNicolas states hes. Im only the messenger.

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