23 May

Mate More in ER Accident June 18, 2018 bit gag, buttplug

Mate More visits the doctorA’s office on crutches. He is strapped to his left ankle and climbs on the table for an examination. MateA is examined by a female doctor who removes the bandage, feels and manipulates his ankle. The female doctor has her mates get up and change into their underwear. As he returns to the table, his ankle appears in good condition. To increase blood flow, his ankle and leg are massaged. MateA feels her hand on her ankle as she massages it. She tells him to stop. Mate appears to be very interested in her, and they chat a lot. Mate seems to be interested in the girl and she responds by rubbing her chest. His crotch appears to expand as he wears his underwear. She then takes MateA’s pants off and dips her hands into it. MateA is rubbing her cocks and she takes his hand. She wiggles her cock and it soon grows in her hands. Mate loves the sensation of his hot, wet lips on her dick. The girl gets off her cock and tries to kiss it. The girl reaches for MateA’s nubs and touches it. She then begins sucking on his cock once more. She then turns her attention towards MateA’s sex, raising his legs up in the air. As he attempts to touch her, she spanks his ass. MateA is constantly being spanked by the girl, making his cheeks all red. He is also hit by her. Mate is then turned over by her and she cinches him down at the ankles and wrists. He is also gagged and she starts whipping his hot sex. She decides the hole is in need of some action, and inserts her finger. After loosening it up, she pushes MateA’s butt plug in. The plug is tight and she fucks it, stretching her lips. Pushing hard to get it all the way in. She then spanks, whips, and pushes it further until the plug is gone. After she has dragged the hole out, she takes the plug off and uses her fingers to fuck the ass. Mate is then moved onto her knees and placed on the ground. She puts on her straps and makes him suck her rubber dick. MateA is then fucked as she holds her hair. She then fucks MateA with her rubber cock and slams it into his hole. Mate enjoys the experience and feels his ans well stretched. Mate then sits down on the table while the girl kisses him. It’s a great ending.

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