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Levi in Levi May 30, 2016 Toys, Behind the Scenes


Levi is just too cute! HeA is bisexual. HeA has played sports, mainly baseball for many years and was a natural born athlete. HeA told us of his stash at home in his base drum that contained a secret stash full of dildos. I have seven dildos and love them all! They come in all shapes and sizes. My favorites are the colors, creeds, and colours. They were so dear to him. We asked him what his ideal date was. He said that it was straight to anal. He was immediately curious, and asked “WhoA’s getting anal?” They or you? He confidently answered, “Either. IA is both a giver as well as a receiver. He whipped out his hard-cock, and stroked it till he had blown a good load with a big dildo! It was obvious that we had found someone special. We were certain we had found someone special. He didn’t hesitate to say, “Oh, sure!”

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