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Korra Del Rio in The Naughty Nun: Korra Del Rio Punishes Disgraceful Sinner DJ November 26, 2019 Feet, Corset


Korra Del Rio plays The Naughty Nun in the TSS sinful sexy role play. After witnessing DJ touch himself at Mass Korra, DJ is sent to the basement where he will fix furniture. This lesson will teach him a lot about his disgraceful and shameful actions. DJ is ordered to openly confess to DJ his masturbating behavior during the church service. Korra takes off her black and foreign habit while he reads bible verses. She then exposes a very sensual lace teddy and black thigh-high stockings with a garter. DJ does not know what’s happening! DJ is being confronted by his disgusting fantasies. Sister Korra will help him find redemption and become his vessel for all his sexual sins. Korra instructs DJ to remove her patent leather shoes with high heels and take a look at her feet. She takes off her shoes and kisses every toe of Sister Del Rio. DJ then gets her hands out. Deep throat sucking is the best way to get rid of all his sins and lies. DJ snorts hard as she stretches her legs out wide. DJ then gets to work on Korra’s dick while she takes her attractive breasts from her corset. He is now lying on his stomach in stocks, with a blindfold covering him so that he cannot see. The sinner in the dirty clothes is eager to be forgiven. Korra sends him home with the zapper, along with some firm paddling. He is frightened when she crawls onto his head and places her cock inside his mouth. Depraved DJ is told by Sister Del Rio that she will fuck him so much that he won’t want to do it again. She sticks with her plan. She fucks him and then she eagerly eats his genitals. DJ loves it when she jerks DJ’s cock and licks his asshole. KorraAAs diabolical bright lipstick is all over DJ’s thighs, and itAs hard to resist this Naughty Nun. After his sex is over, she fills him with her lusty lipstick and makes his sin holes bleed. DJ moans, pleads with her and begs to her for him to show her affections. Finally she squeezes all her lusty loads out of his face. Finally, redemption!

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