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Harris in Seancody Harris December 24, 2007 Jock


Harris is a 19-year-old school sophomore. Hes studying criminal justice and wants to be a police officer.Hes on the school soccer team with a full athletic scholarship. “What place do you play?” I inquired. “‘m a big receiver,” he responded. “Are you really a major jock in high school?” “Yeah, I played football, baseball, and basketball. “Nowthe first thing you see about Harris if hes naked is his balls. Theyre big. Just like Grade A Extra Large eggs from the supermarket! “Can you get a lot of opinions in your own nuts?” I inquired. “Yeah, the women like them” “Do you receive a good deal of stares from the locker room?” I asked, teasing him. “Yeah. “Hes also has a wonderful major vein running towards the top of the cock. “Its always been like this,” he said, caressing the vein lightly.I enjoy nuts and that I cant resist it when a man with a nice set comes from. So, after he blew his first load we had him do some”puppetry” with his junk. He did the”hamburger” and the”mind”. “Damn, your nuts are big,” I said again. “They get even bigger if I dont nut in a little while,” he replied…

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