23 Dec

Gabriella Paltrova in Hardtied Caged Bird April 22, 2015 Orgasm, Single Tail


Gabriella Paltrova is stuck in a cage in a dark dungeon and she wants to do is go see the birds. She wants to be outside, at the open air, listening to these in the sun. Jack Hammer doesn't give a fuck what she desires. All that matters is what he has proposed for her, plus it doesn't involve her ever seeing daylight. She's at the dungeon so that he can proceed and make her suffer whenever he wants. He shows her the outside world through a window and lets her think she may actually get the opportunity to feel the grass under her feet, but in reality he has no intention of letting that happen. Rather her future holds whips and rope. It’ll involve pleasing a guy without reservation or fear for her own gratification. She believes that when she learns well and acts right she will be free to play with the creatures and live her entire life. Actually she is going to be locked away until Jack gets tired with her and decides to do away with her. But as long as she retains learning new tricks she has a long, bright future of sensual captivity before her.

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